Tithing Settlement: Part Two

I was on the fence on whether I wanted to schedule a tithing settlement with my bishop.  This would be the first time I would be a “part” tithe payer and I wasn’t sure I wanted to explain why.  I decided to do it anyway. Some unfortunate events occurred in my family during December, so I was wanting to talk those issues out a bit.  I hadn’t met with a bishop (except for tithing settlement) in over six years, so I figured my tithing over the years was worth at least a little bit of advice from him.

We mostly discussed my family issues, and I appreciated his insights and thoughtfulness.  He took more time than he should have, with multiple people waiting outside his office.  When we got to my tithing declaration, I said it was only a part tithe.  He looked at me and said “okay, let’s try to do better next year”.

I then had to inform him that it was a part tithe on purpose and I wouldn’t be doing better next year.  I wanted to blurt out that I was gay, but I held back.  This was only supposed to be a five minute discussion and we were going on twenty.  I said I had some issues with the church and I could discuss these with him when I got back from visiting family over the holidays.  He agreed and out I went.

I still haven’t scheduled that appointment.


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