The Call

My parents called me recently, which felt good since I’m usually the one who initiates the calls.  I was also a little nervous to pick up the phone since it was Sunday and I figured they would ask me how church was.  I haven’t had the courage to tell them I’m taking a break from church.  They will be crushed and very disappointed, and to my detriment, I really don’t want to disappoint them. I don’t want to be that kid. The wayward son that the church promises will come back to the fold if my parents stay faithful. That concept used to be so comforting.  Now that I will be the “wayward” son, I find it extremely offensive.  How can I convince the church world that I haven’t lost my way!

Luckily, I was not asked about church so I avoided that can of worms. We stared to talk about movies and books, but nothing too serious. Just keeping a conversation going. Then, my Relief Society president mom chimes in and says she has to take a call that is coming in.  I tell her I don’t mind and we’ll chat another time.  What I really wanted to say was “don’t worry, I know the drill. Church before family”. Always has been, always will be.


3 responses to “The Call

  1. I remember trying to avoid the phone calls on Sunday for that exact reason. I think soon, if you are ready, it would be best to tell them about your break, on your own terms and timing, instead of being cornered when you aren’t ready.

    • Thanks for the comment Trevor. I think you’re right. I’m almost there. I’m ready for them to know. I’m just not looking forward to the conversation.

  2. I still haven’t had any kind of conversation. Working my way up to it. But I agree with Trevor- don’t be on the defensive, you’ll feel better that way.

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